NEW Kids Yoga Class starting in September

Exciting Announcement: starting on September 8th I will be teaching a kids yoga class at Okra for kids ages 6-12. Tumbleweeds will be held every Monday from 4:15-5:15pm in the downstairs studio. Another good part about this is parents can practice All Levels Vinyasa in the upstairs studio at the same time. Spread the word and bring your child to this fun filled class. Check out the events link for more information.

Namaste Yay!
Photo credit: unknown


Mindful Art

This is a fun and relaxing mindfulness activity you can do right outside of your door. Build a stone sculpture with rocks and pay attention to how it makes your whole self feel. Don’t focus on perfection. Just focus on being present.


Mary Breaths first glitter jar

Here’s my very first glitter jar. Check out this photo and notice the glitter moving.
This is a great tool to practice when needing to take a time out and pay attention to the subtleties of being.
Try making one too.

You’ll need:
Glue (clear is optional).

Pour a cup of warm water in the jar
Add glitter
Fill the rest with water

Once done practice shaking your glitter jar and notice the glitter moving downward and through the jar in unique ways. When your mind wanders bring it back to the jar.

Notice how your focus shifts.


Mary Breath