Dancing in the driveway.

20140801-205027-75027089.jpg (photo: unknown. Shared from Pinterest)

This little girl reminds me of 2 little girls that I just met out in the neighborhood. I was driving past and they were trying to get me to buy something. I figured it was lemonade. I reached in to give them some money and I said ‘how’s the lemonade?’ They looked at me and said ‘We don’t have lemonade.’ I replied ‘Well what are you all selling?’ They replied ‘We dance.’
I sat and watched them dance their own choreographed dance with cartwheels and flips. Pretty impressive.
It turns out these 7 year old girls have plans to rock it one day.
I was filled with joy as I watched how confident and free they were. I mentioned that I was a kids yoga teacher. They said that they had done yoga and liked it a lot. One of the girls said ‘We went to a class after dance once. It felt good because my back was almost sprained and her ankle was sprained from dance.’
I shared tips with them about the future and making money.
1.) sell what you are good at
2.) don’t give up
3.) stay confident
4.) live in your heart
As I drove off and they waved goodbye I looked back and I heard one of them say ‘That was awesome!’ as she jumped up high.
Oh the innocence and freedom of a child. It reminded me that it’s always available.

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