Yoga is a Search Engine.

Since the late 20th century we have turned to search engines like yahoo to search for answers to questions & learn new information. It’s pretty amazing how much information one can search for and find all in the click of a button. There’s more information available to us than ever and we can access learning quicker.

I was taking a walk earlier today and I had a sudden flash of memory strike through my consciousness. I remembered sitting in the computer lab at The University of Arizona and accessing Yahoos search engine. Everything that I wanted to know I could type into the search box and access answers. This was back in 1997 when I had just started my yoga practice. I was only a few weeks into my practice and I wanted to know what the word ‘yoga’ meant. I felt such a deep connection to the practice that I wanted to know what the real truth behind this ancient practice was. I learned that ‘yoga’ meant union; yoking mind, body ∧ spirit. I learned the history of yoga and how it had been around for over two-thousand years. I wanted to know more There was something deeper to this practice that I just needed to know. I searched and searched for the answer to a deeper meaning, but really the answer comes from within.

I realized on my walk today that the search engine is similar to yoga. They both allow you to search for deeper answers to important questions. One is external and wired through technology and the other is internally wired to the spiritual technology inside the soul. pretty deep.

Modern technology is the new way of searching for answers, but it also connects everyone to the World Wide Web of interconnectedness. Yoga does the same on an internal level. Within each of us there is an interconnected web of being.

We are ONE

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