Restorative Yoga Class: Honoring The New Moon

Do you want to connect with natures rhythms?
In this 2 hour restorative yoga class you will be guided through a sequence of postures that will sync you up with the natural rhythms of nature and the internal process of accessing your divine power. It is through deep rest that one is able to surrender and let go without holding onto pressures. You will be supported and guided in this class through the use of props and guided relaxation. Restorative Yoga helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which allows the body its natural ability to cleanse, rest and heal. We will also explore the internal processing through journaling and mandala drawing. Mandalas are a great tool for accessing the meditation
process through creativity. No prior yoga experience is needed.
Where: Private Location in Cotswold
Cost: $25.00
Please Pre-Register by September 16th
For registration and questions email:


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