Sweet Potatoe Smoothie ‘Oh My deliciousness!’

Tonight I made the best sweet potatoe smoothie. It’s one that I have made before, but this time I added more to the mix. I chose to add coconut oil because it’s a natural antibiotic. With cold and flu season upon us I am protecting myself. Ginger is a good aid to digestion and cinnamon has health benefits such as reducing inflammation, positive antioxidant effects, and fights bacteria.

Sweet Potatoes are a good fall power food that should be eaten year round. They are very beneficial to the immune system. Sweet Potatoes are filled with beta carotene, which helps cells fight infection.

The really enjoyable part was that the Sweet Potatoe was still warm from it being boiled previous to the blending step. This warmth was like a tasty warm soup on a good fall evening.

Sweet Potatoe smoothie ‘Oh my deliciousness’
*boiled Sweet Potatoe
* add a little coconut oil when mixing the potatoes.
*add a little cinnamon
*1 green apple
* an inch to half inch of peeled ginger.
*2-3 cups water (depends on how liquidly you want it)
*Blend the ingredients in a blender

Photo Credit: unknown. But Definitely not mine.

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