Thankfulness Tree

Are you looking for ideas on how to incorporate gratitude into your daily life? How about an exercise to create with the kids?
Expressing gratitude is the key to happiness. Giving thanks to all the things that give you joy only creates more joy and abundance.

Here’s a fun way to express gratitude with your children involved.
Create a gratitude tree for the house.
1.)Go outside together and find a group of branches.
2.)Plant your branches at home in a large sized jar & your tree however you wish. For example, Ribbons around the jar or colorful pebbles in the jar.
3.)The final part is a daily process of adding leaves to the tree with a written expression of what you are thankful for that day.

Here’s a photo I saw on Pinterest that is a perfect example of a Thankfulness Tree.

Happy planting!

with gratitude,


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