Growing into a flower: a guided visualization

Laying down on your back allow the weight of your body to sink deep into the earth.

Ask yourself, ‘what type of flower do I want to grow into and feel sprout out into the earth?’

Imagine that you are a seed that has been planted into the earth. Become aware of the soil and how it feels around you. It becomes dark underneath the soil. It begins to rain, and the earth above you is getting wet, which makes the soil around you cool and moist…

The sun begins to shine and the earth begins to dry. You begin to feel the warmth and energy of the sun. You feel an urge to see the sun and experience its light. Time passes and you begin to sprout a tiny bit, so much that it breaks the ground above. While the ground is breaking you are rooting down and feeling the support and nourishment from the earth. You begin to grow and expand up towards the radiance of the sun. Your physical form begins to reveal itself through its earthy tones. You nourish yourself by drinking water in and through your roots while absorbing the sunlight through your petals. This becomes your food and as you sprout more you produce nectar and pollen for your bee friends and other sentient beings that visit your flower. What color is your flower? What does your flower smell like? What aroma do you give out into the environment for others to experience? You continue to grow into a tall beautiful flower that blossoms and shines…

**Pause** (at least 30 seconds)

Begin to come back into your body by becoming aware of your breath. Start to wiggle your fingers and toes. Stretch your arms up and point your toes forward. Hug your knees into your chest and roll over to your right side. Slowly make your way back into your yoga seat. Place your palms at the center of your chest and open them up like a flower. Breathe here with your flower at the center of your chest. Remember that you can always plant this flower into your heart and radiate its essence out. Namaste Namaste Yay!

*afterwards: take some time to root your feet into the earth and feel your own roots.

written by Mary Beth Bender inspired by Yoga Nidra


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