She put her phone down & started to live

I’ve always loved the telephone. I loved my 2 sided swatch phone in junior high & my family was blessed to have 2 phone lines in the house. Then the invention of the cell phone came along & I started slowly talking on the phone less because texting was easier. Then came the iPhone and it all changed. Don’t get me wrong I love what an iPhone can do. I love how connected I am with my family, close friends & the outside world. I love how I can run my business from this small device. However, I love nature, I love yoga, and I enjoy just simply being. This year it’s my intention to live more fully without my phone. I survived without it for most of my life and I believe I can at least put it down for part of my day. Just like yoga this will become a mindfulness practice 🙂 #putyourphonedown #live #life #intentions #mindfulness #practice


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