Zip lining in Costa Rica

I recently embarked on one of the most courageous acts of my life.
While down in Costa Rica I went zip lining on a 13 cable line through the mountains where I was surrounded by the ocean (for part of it) and the beautiful rivers.
I don’t know if I would’ve done it without the encouragement and support of my yoga tribe that I met on the retreat that I was participating in.




We got strapped up and ready for the adventure and then over 20 of us loaded up in the back of the truck and rode all the way up to the top of a mountain. One of the participants in the zip lining group was a 6 yr old girl. Every time that I felt fear and doubt trickle through my body, I’d look over at this sweet little girl who was with her parents and I’d think ‘You aren’t backing out. If she’s doing it then you are too.’
We stepped out of the car and walked over to the first zip line where they instructed us on what to do and what not to do. When it came time to start they requested that the little 6 yr old go first. I watched her strap up to the cable along with one of the guides and off they went! My knees were shaking and the sun was beaming down on my sun burnt shoulders. I asked myself ‘Should I go next?’ Then soon after person after person would step up and prepare for take off. The longer I waited, the more nervous I became. So I finally stepped up, raised my hand and said ‘I’m ready!!’
My fingers and knees were still shaking but I felt strong and courageous at the same time. They strapped me to the cable and said ‘Go!’ I took a few steps forward, put my legs straight out and bam! I was flying!
I looked around and began to observe the beautiful ocean in the distance, the mountains, the birds, Hawks and this gorgeous earth we are so blessed to live on. I thought to myself ‘I did it! I am zip lining!’

Fast forward to a few cables later.

I’ll never forget my experience on the cable that halted in the middle of my ride. I was hanging high up in the air surrounded by mountains and rivers. When I came to a halt, I gently closed my eyes, took a deep breath in through my nose and out through my mouth. I opened my eyes and started looking around and below at my surroundings. I could see my feet hanging freely in the air and I suddenly, with a heart full of joy and courage said outloud ‘Oh yea! I’m just hanging out in Costa Rica!!!’
It was in that moment that I saw one of the zip lining guides strap up and come to my rescue.
I started remembering my father and all the times that he encouraged me to take risks. I thought of him when I was 8 years old wearing his evening attire at the Country Club where he held me in his arms, walked me up to the high diving board and jumped with me into the 11 feet of water.
As the guide took me back to the mountain edge, I knew that my angel, a.k.a. my dad, was with me.
He was with me encouraging me to never give up. He was there in spirit leading me along the beautiful land giving me all the courage and strength that I needed in order to soar high above the land.
When my feet touched the earth I thought to myself ‘Thank you dad and thank you yoga for giving me courage where I once felt fear’

With a heart filled with courage, strength and joy, I bow……


Enjoy more photos of my adventure.





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