Tea time 

Making my own ‘sweet’ tea with coconut water & vanilla roobis. It’s so easy to make. Add coconut water to a container. Add your favorite tea bag(s) and let it brew for at least an hour in the fridge. #tea #teatime #sweettea #southerngirl #delicious #coconutwater #recipe #yum  

Pancakes for dinner 

Tonight I was inspired to eat breakfast for dinner after reading a friends post on Facebook on how to make super healthy pancakes. 

Check out the recipe and an image below on how to make this delicious plate of pancakes. 

|Breakfast for dinner| 

Healthy pancakes. So yummy.  

The recipe is super easy.  

How to make:  

You’ll need 2 eggs and a whipped ripe banana. (On another occasion I added sweet potatoe to the mix)

• Mix in a bowl and add to a coconut oil based skillet.

• Add cinnamon, honey and blueberries for a sweeter taste. 

Serves 2 or maybe more. 

****Try adding a mashed sweet potatoe to the ingredients. It’s so good!!!!