Synchronicity on a subtle level

Some synchronized events happened to me today. First, I awoke this morning and as I lay in my bed, I started contemplating on how I needed to find a teacher who could challenge me and help me to go beyond some limitations that are holding me back in my both my life & practice. I thought of this a few more times throughout the morning and into the afternoon. Later in the afternoon I had a few minutes to spare- so I ended up going to my favorite ‘New Age’ ‘spiritual’ bookstore here in Charlotte. I was looking for a piece for my alter so I thought I’d check there first. When I walked in and started looking around, I recognized this book. I felt so drawn to it that I bought it. Then hours later I found myself in my living room (without the book) doing a yoga sequence so out of my everyday element. So the synchronized events led me to REMEMBER that the teacher I am seeking always exists within me first. 

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