On being happy

The Dalai Lama said to Andrew Harvey, when he interviewed him on the day His Holiness won the Nobel Prize, “The world can only be saved now by everyone trying as hard as possible to love all beings.” His Holiness paused and smiled. “This may seem impossible,” he said, and then clapped his hands softly. “But with spiritual practice all things are possible. Your Buddha nature is as good as the Buddha’s Buddha nature, and who was not embraced by the Buddha’s compassion?” And then he quoted from Shantideva’s ‘Mind of the Bodhisattva’ “Those who are unhappy are unhappy because they look out only for themselves. Those who are happy are happy because they seek the joy of others.” He paused a long time and then said, “The secret of life is to try to make others happy. People ask me what is my religion. My religion is kindness.” -Heart Yoga

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