New Offerings!

I am super excited for these NEW permanent offerings that I have made available to you. I’m offering ‘Wholistic Astrology’ readings & private restorative yoga sessions. 

•’Wholistic Astrology’ readings are available via FaceTime or phone. 

•Restorative Yoga sessions are available in private space. 

To schedule a session or for further information email:


Wholistic Astrology

 Wholistic Astrology focuses on seeing the chart from the perspective that you are whole.  The chart is drawn up and the focus is centered around wholeness and channeling the planets during their current transits. 

I’m offering readings for a discounted rate of $25 per hour. 

This beginner reading reveal basic astrological energies such as sun,moon and ascendant. We will also explore the whole birth chart and the placement of all the planets. 

You will leave with tools to help bring you to a state of wholeness. You will receive the remedies necessary to keep you in alignment with your astrological and universal self. Learn how you can use astrology to help better understand who you are.  


La Luna Astrology 

As the new 🌚moon begins it approach in the next few days feminine energy begins to feel lower and somewhat bitchier than let’s say the approach of the full moon where the energy is at its highest. La Luna begins her waning half moon phase tomorrow 1/31 in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is fixed energy like the sign of Aquarius. When the sun & moon are both in a fixed sign- there’s the feeling of fixed or unchanging energy. This lunar phase (waning half moon) is connected to a women’s pms cycle. This is the cycle where women feel a strong pull to begin resting and drawing the awareness inward. If she gets interrupted here she may begin to feel that sense of her inner bitch starting to creep out. Allow yourself time to rest. Maybe put your legs up the wall for 20 minutes or lay in supine butterfly. Breathe. Draw your awareness inward. #divinefeminine #moon #lunar #halfmoon #waningmoon #moonphases​


I’m offering a FREE Mandala Asana- Yoga consultation.  

What if you knew that you could create a mandala to match the needs of your most authentic connection to your mind body & soul. What if you could create a yoga practice to fit the tapestry that your soul was meant to live? All you need is your birth information. For a limited time only. I am offering a free yoga consultation where we can create this ‘Mandala Yoga’ practice. Message me for further information.


Classical versus Modern

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I’ve been contemplating two subjects recently. Classical Yoga & Classical Astrology. Two very old traditions that have been proven to work (and can work very well when used together). 

We also have Modern Yoga & Modern Astrology. 

Neither system is wrong. Just a bit different. 

I think what happens sometimes is when things become modernized they sometimes get watered down from what the classical texts taught. 

I personally think that the ancients were highly advanced in what they knew. Of course modern times have advanced with technology that has been able to test & compute information (especially when working with astrology). 

Let’s keep the classical traditions alive and be open minded to what the modern day can reveal. 

Most importantly let’s not water down the ancient traditions. Let’s remember that these are the gifts we’ve inherited from our ancestors.