Mandala Meditation

Mandala means ‘circle.’

A mandala is a visual tool that is used by many diverse cultures across the world. They are used as a tool for both spiritual renewal and awakening. 

The process of designing or coloring a mandala is helpful for calming the mind and bringing one back to their center. 

This personal and transformative process is always available. Life itself is like a mandala. Check out Life is a mandala

I not only use the above process as a form of meditation, but I also sit 20 minutes a day in meditation. 

Last night after spending a couple of hours coloring a mandala, I sat down for my evening meditation. As I sat there I began to notice my own center as the shape of a mandala. I began to see the center of my brow a.k.a ‘third eye’ metamorphosising into a mandala. 

If you wish, try this subtle meditation on accessing your inner mandala. Keep in mind we all experience things in a unique form- so your experience may be different than mine. 

Sit crossed legged on a comfortable pillow. Begin to notice your breath. As you focus on your breath begin to draw your attention to your ‘third eye’. This is the subtle place where your light shines. Although it appears dark at first- notice the light. As you focus there begin to notice your own mandala. Notice the center and then begin to notice the subtle shapes and lines begin to form. It may appear to be like a web. This is the web of your being.  Notice it. Notice your thoughts, feelings and sensations. Each of these contributes to the mandala or the web of your being. 

Continue to sit, center and breathe. 

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. -Omar Khayyam


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