La Luna Astrology 

As the new 🌚moon begins it approach in the next few days feminine energy begins to feel lower and somewhat bitchier than let’s say the approach of the full moon where the energy is at its highest. La Luna begins her waning half moon phase tomorrow 1/31 in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is fixed energy like the sign of Aquarius. When the sun & moon are both in a fixed sign- there’s the feeling of fixed or unchanging energy. This lunar phase (waning half moon) is connected to a women’s pms cycle. This is the cycle where women feel a strong pull to begin resting and drawing the awareness inward. If she gets interrupted here she may begin to feel that sense of her inner bitch starting to creep out. Allow yourself time to rest. Maybe put your legs up the wall for 20 minutes or lay in supine butterfly. Breathe. Draw your awareness inward. #divinefeminine #moon #lunar #halfmoon #waningmoon #moonphases​


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