Just show up

A few minutes of practice is better than no practice.  Whether I am practicing at a studio or at home, the key is to show up. 

In a home practice I always give myself a few minutes to warm up and see where my body wants to go from there. 

Even if it’s just a 30 minute home practice, it’s better than none. 

I Notice my energy. 

I listen to what it is telling me. 

Does pausing in child’s pose for a few breaths feel good??

Or do I need 5 sun salutations to wake up?

Maybe all I need is to chant a round or so of continuous OM’s. 

All of these yoga practices bring me to the same place. 

That place is my center.

Wholistic chart

The chart is a map to understanding the self and ones potential. 
This photo below shows an example of a chart. It’s the natal chart of Prince. 

When I read the chart, I first look to where the chart is cut into even pieces. It’s like a pizza. I’m able to identify with what parts are cut into 12 pieces where the serving size is of an equal amount. Each of the pieces are parts of the self that play out in the theatrical drama of the universes plan. Each piece was designed in a perfect way to match the souls purpose. Areas of life such as self, money, day to day communication and home life are just a few examples of how the chart is cut. 
When I first look at the chart I see the WHOLE self. 

I choose the WHOLENESS approach because it helps me when I read my own chart to see where I already know the truth, but that the lights turn on even brighter. 
I see many ways to approach the chart. Basically, I cut the pizza in different sizes to help my client swallow and digest ingredients (parts of themselves) as a way to help navigate and guide them to what feels true to them.
Not only were you born WHOLE, but you were born with FREE WILL.