‘Wholistic Astrology’ readings by Mary Beth

I’ve been studying & practicing astrology longer than I have been practicing yoga. I began studying in 1995 after a friend gave me an astrology book as a Christmas present. It was the first book that I read where I learned about the planets beyond my sun sign. I became fascinated with the connections that I was making with my self in relationship to the stars above. 

My friends would always come to me for astral insight and for the longest time I just followed my intuition. I was known in my circle of friends as never forgetting a birthday. 

As my intuition grew stronger, especially once I started practicing yoga, my passion for astrology felt deeper. 

Over the years, I have read friends & family members charts as well as helped provide insights about themselves and their connection to the universe. 

In 2005, I lead a workshop where I casted the chart and suggested flower essences to work in harmony with my participants and their true nature. 

I’ve also worked with planetary mantras as a way to channel astral energies. 

I am currently offering readings as well as helping my clients create an asana practice to best fit their ‘astrological mandala’. If you are interested in learning more about me and my work, I’m offering a SPECIAL rate of $75 for one hour. 

I approach my method from a holistic place that you were born whole. 

Sessions are designed to teach you about your connection with the sun, moon and other planets. We will observe your chart as well as look at other interpretations. 

For more information message me or email me:



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