Be the person you are looking for 

In a moment of silence, I sat in a local cafe eating my lunch. I was overlooking the crowd, scanning the people and energy that was passing me by. It felt as if I was looking to make a connection with someone when suddenly I had this epiphany. They say you should write the book that you want to read and I think it’s the same when looking for people to meet. Be the person you are looking for and you’ll never feel alone.

Sharing thoughts from my journal. 

Sharing thoughts from my journal after writing about something that doesn’t seem to be working in my life, but with patience and perseverance I have found its only because there’s something BETTER coming to me. And then as I was reflecting on this, I started reflecting about how I haven’t given birth to a child, but how there’s so much other magic that’s capable of developing in my womb. 

What if it’s all just part of the plan. I know there is something better out there for me. And I trust that it will happen in divine time. 

I grab that magic and I rub it on my belly and allow it to soak into my womb like the conception of a baby. 

I’ll nurture it while it grows inside of me and when it’s time to give birth to this new creation, I will protect it and love it fiercely just like a woman does with her child. 

It’s the same love. 

It’s the same kind of protection. 

It doesn’t have to be a human in order for it to be my baby. 

Some women only give birth to humans and some only give birth to ideas. Of course there are some women who give birth to both. 

There isn’t one way that is more powerful  than the other.  

It’s all magic. 

It’s all from creation.