Stop believing in astrology 

Stop believing in astrology.

Really? But I am an astrologer – how do I  just STOP believing in something that I have believed in for the last 20 years and know and trust that it works.

That’s just it.

I said it.

And I didn’t even realize

how conscious I was when I heard myself

Say those words outloud.

It must be my cancer moon. Conscious and aware.

Because isn’t it true that what I tell myself; I believe.

Even my Mercury in Scorpio delves deep and researches deep into the mysteries of life.

Astrology works.
I don’t have to believe in it

To believe that it works.

And that’s why I don’t believe in astrology anymore.

But I’m still an astrologer.

Because I know that it works.

I’ve spent enough time in my head analyzing the alignment of the stars to stop believing and just surrender.

I may lay in child’s pose with my arms extended to the front of my body surrendering to the moment.

Because that’s all I have.

All I have is the moment.

If I just sit in my head believing in astrology then the thoughts and stories in my head become true because I start thinking to much into how Mercury is in retrograde and it’s not a good time to sign that contract on that new deal.

Instead I’m awake.

I am conscious.

I am not asleep walking around like a zombie disconnected to my body.

I’m awake

My gaze is up towards the stars

And I trust that the Universe is twinkling it’s magic and aiming it’s light down on me in perfect alignment.

Because I am fully aware that astrology works.

Photo credit: Unknown.


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