I feel so lucky that I get to share yoga in so many unique environments. From schools to corporations to senior living centers- (the list goes on). I received an email today thanking me for sharing yoga in so many unique environments to so many unique individuals. 

Even though it helps to pay my bills, I’m not in this for the money. I’m in this because I want to make a positive impact on the world. It’s the love that I receive that I deposit into my soul.

Metta: Loving Kindness

So often times the mind will trick me into believing things that aren’t true. Words like:

•I’m not worthy (that’s because someone once told me that). Instead I replace it with  


• I’m not happy (that’s because I’m looking for external things to satisfy my needs) Instead I look within at the treasures inside and replace it with I AM HAPPY

• I’m not healthy (that’s because an illness may have affected me so badly that I can’t convince myself that my body is capable of healing all on its own. My body is much stronger and powerful than I believe) Instead I replace it with I AM HEALTHY

• I’m not peaceful (that’s because something triggered me so bad I freaked out and had an anxiety attack.) Instead I slow down. Breathe. Take a look around and replace it with  

Don’t let the mind trick you. 
May you feel worthy. 

May you be happy. 

May you be healthy. 

May you be at peace.

Sacred Rest

SACRED REST is allowing yourself the time and space to rest and rejuvenate without feeling bad about doing it. It’s an essential part of living because it allows the WHOLE self to recharge and reset it’s natural energy system. Without sacred rest the body becomes depleted and the energy system exhausted. Allow yourself the time and space to pause. Whether it be a few deep breaths at a traffic light, a quiet walk in nature, reflection under a shaded tree or an extra hour of sleep.

My focus this week isn’t just physical & mental health, but soul health. I need to open up my journal & write. Free writing soothes my soul. What do you plan to do this week for your souls health? 

The real meaning of wealth is knowing how to create a goldlike situation in your life. That is to say, you may have only twenty dollars in your bank account, but you can still manifest richness in your world.

🌜🌚🌛Moonstone. Connecting with the moon through moonstone energy this evening as we approach the new moon in less than 24 hrs. 🌑New moon. New intentions. Slow & Steady. Neck & throat. Setting intentions through affirmations. #moon #moonstone #newmoon #taurus #affirmations 🌹

Yoga & similar activities are insanely nourishing when Mercury is retro in Taurus. All sorts of major eureka flashes occur when you chill. -Mystic Medusa