Summer Events

This summer I’ll be busy teaching private classes & private camps. I don’t teach a lot of “public” classes these days, especially adult classes-so catch me while you can. I have one public adult class coming up that I think a lot of people will find interesting. As many know, I’m into astrology and I have been for longer than I’ve been practicing yoga. I’ve recently become a certified Yogastrology® inspired teacher. For years it’s been a dream of mine to incorporate these ancient practices into my teaching as I have been doing in my own life. 

We are a mandala. We are all connected. Incorporating yoga & astrology into a practice is like weaving a tapestry of interconnected designs. The yogi isn’t just weaving the tapestry of their own life, but becomes engaged in a larger process of weaving the ongoing story of creation as a vast interconnected universe. This all happens through the practice of ‘aligning the bodies.’ The Yoga becomes a practice beyond the physical body. The physical body merges with the subtle body which then merges with the planetary bodies. This becomes a mandala of ONE energy. 

There seems to be no other way of approaching my practice & teaching than to incorporate these 2 practices. 
Special Event:

Yoga & Astrology Wellness class. 

Celebrating the Summer Solstice. 

June 20th 


Latta Park Dilworth

Catch a Kids public class when & where you can:

•Tuesday’s: ages 4-7 kids yoga 3:45-4:30 at My Gym South Park

• Thursday’s: Yoga in the Park. Starts June 16th 10-11am at Freedom Park 10-11am

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