I really need to write a story. 

I really need to write a story. A real life story about my life. A raw, edgy, truthful story about my life and how I became the person that I am. 

I think I have a story to tell and I don’t even care who reads it. 

I just think it would feel therapeutic to write it out from the beginning to the end. 

I have a lot to release and I feel a desire to release it on paper. 

I think I’ll probably laugh and cry while writing it, but it would feel so good. 

I think it’s important to tell your story. 

Everyone has a story to tell

And anyone who tells me to drop my story can…well, maybe I’ll save those feelings for when I tell my story. 

I’m not stuck in my story. My story shaped me into the person that I am today. Why would I drop who I’ve become?

Storytelling feels good. 

Storytelling is an ancient practice that goes way back in time. Our ancestors sat  by the fire and told stories. Oral tradition is how they passed information down from one generation to another. 

Storytelling is magical. 

Storytelling reminds me of rainy summer nights when the electricity would go out and mom would turn on the flashlight to read to us. 

Memories of being curled up on the couch in my pajamas while mom would sit there and read short stories to us; that’s what helped shape my imagination and my desire to write. 

It’s part of my story. 

I want to tell my story because I want to remember my beautiful life. 

I want to remember all of the good parts and I want to remember the challenging times because those are what helped me to grow into who I have become. 

We all have a timeline. From beginning to end.  I imagine that I’m living in the middle of my timeline.  

But I’ve got to end here. 

I’ll be back. 

I’ll write my story. 

Summer Events

This summer I’ll be busy teaching private classes & private camps. I don’t teach a lot of “public” classes these days, especially adult classes-so catch me while you can. I have one public adult class coming up that I think a lot of people will find interesting. As many know, I’m into astrology and I have been for longer than I’ve been practicing yoga. I’ve recently become a certified Yogastrology® inspired teacher. For years it’s been a dream of mine to incorporate these ancient practices into my teaching as I have been doing in my own life. 

We are a mandala. We are all connected. Incorporating yoga & astrology into a practice is like weaving a tapestry of interconnected designs. The yogi isn’t just weaving the tapestry of their own life, but becomes engaged in a larger process of weaving the ongoing story of creation as a vast interconnected universe. This all happens through the practice of ‘aligning the bodies.’ The Yoga becomes a practice beyond the physical body. The physical body merges with the subtle body which then merges with the planetary bodies. This becomes a mandala of ONE energy. 

There seems to be no other way of approaching my practice & teaching than to incorporate these 2 practices. 
Special Event:

Yoga & Astrology Wellness class. 

Celebrating the Summer Solstice. 

June 20th 


Latta Park Dilworth


Catch a Kids public class when & where you can:

•Tuesday’s: ages 4-7 kids yoga 3:45-4:30 at My Gym South Park

• Thursday’s: Yoga in the Park. Starts June 16th 10-11am at Freedom Park 10-11am

Yoga + Astrology Wellness class 

Join me on Monday June 20th for a Special Yoga & Astrology Wellness class. (Inspired Yogastrology(R)  class). June is a BIG month astrologically and it’s the Summer Solstice. 

Come experience a slow flow yoga class where we will focus on integrating & balancing the parts of ourselves through asanas & wellness practices that will sync up with the nature of the transits in the sky and the mark of a new season. 

When: June 20th 7-8:15pm

Where: Latta Park Dilworth *No yoga or astrology experience is necessary. This class is designed for all levels. *Price: pay what you can $5-$15 * RESERVATIONS are required.

***Participants will be entered into a raffle for a FREE CHART READING 


Your thoughts, feelings and intentions are living energies. In a way, thoughts are life’s conduits

that carry your feelings and intentions until they manifest as your physical reality.  

Therefore, observe your thoughts, monitor your feelings and be sure of your intentions. 

Then ask yourself,

“Is this what I want to create?”

If it is then good,

If it isn’t then all you need to do is change your thoughts so that they align with your true intentions. 

Feel that which you wish to be, create in the sanctuary of your heart and bathe your dreams in love. 
By Toni C Salerno