If you can’t appreciate the person who gives then how can you appreciate what they’ve given you. 

A year ago I finally put my foot down. I was receiving messages and emails from people I knew and didn’t know asking me for information on what I was teaching. From lesson plans to creative ideas, I finally stopped giving in. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to teach them what I know it was that some of them were literally using my ideas to surpass me. They were literally trying to profit off of my ideas. Before I learned this lesson, my intention was to give from the heart. I wanted to give because I wanted to believe that all people are good. I’ve learned that’s not always true. Since turning 40 I could care less about what people think of me especially because I have been toooo nice my whole life. I’m still nice and I’m still authentic. I just don’t put up with the same bs I used to. I think I’ve pissed some people off in the last few months because I finally stood my ground. My mantra has basically been what this picture says. And to sum it up. Never stop loving. Never stop being authentic. Never stop giving -just be wise. Set boundaries in the heart. 

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Let’s stay connected to ourselves in order to stay connected to each other. 

Everything I do in my career besides when I teach yoga, is done on either my phone, my computer or my iPad. 

Even though teaching yoga is the core of my career, I also wear a lot of other hats. 

I give astrology readings, I design, I blog and I market my business. 

All of these things are done with some sort of technical device. 

If you are familiar with astrology, I have Uranus, the planet of change, in my 11th house (depending on the house system). Regardless I identify with this placement. 

Uranus in the 11th house pretty much rules eccentric change in groups or wordly matters. 

It also rules innovation and invention. 

When any planet is in the 11th house, there is some sort of brilliance apparent in the natives personality. 

I identify with this placement especially because of the advancement of technology. This includes not only the latest iPhone, but social media. 

Ok so back to what motivated me to write this.  

One day I was on my phone working and I suddenly got annoyed that I was even holding it. I was feeling drained by its radioactive energy and my eyes were done looking at a screen. 

In that moment I started feeling like I had evolved into this alien dimension. 

Sounds funny to say and I say it because it really felt that way. Not because I think I’m some advanced human, but because technology is taking over my brain. 

Not really, but sometimes it feels that way. 

I suddenly blurted out loud ‘What have I done to prepare myself for this shift in feeling so dependent on my phone!?’

I literally tossed the phone on my carpet and put my hands on my eyes. 

Within that very moment I had an epiphany. 



Without those 2 practices this would be hard. I don’t think I’d be able to do it like I do it. 

So my point is.  

Let’s stay connected to ourselves in order to stay connected to each other. 

Let’s teach the children these skills young so that they too can be prepared. It’s only going to keep advancing and we need yoga and mindfulness to keep them present. 

This is why I love teaching the kids! 

(To be continued).