If you can’t appreciate the person who gives then how can you appreciate what they’ve given you. 

A year ago I finally put my foot down. I was receiving messages and emails from people I knew and didn’t know asking me for information on what I was teaching. From lesson plans to creative ideas, I finally stopped giving in. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to teach them what I know it was that some of them were literally using my ideas to surpass me. They were literally trying to profit off of my ideas. Before I learned this lesson, my intention was to give from the heart. I wanted to give because I wanted to believe that all people are good. I’ve learned that’s not always true. Since turning 40 I could care less about what people think of me especially because I have been toooo nice my whole life. I’m still nice and I’m still authentic. I just don’t put up with the same bs I used to. I think I’ve pissed some people off in the last few months because I finally stood my ground. My mantra has basically been what this picture says. And to sum it up. Never stop loving. Never stop being authentic. Never stop giving -just be wise. Set boundaries in the heart. 

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