New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces 2017

It’s new moon & solar eclipse eve. Sun in Pisces. New Moon in Pisces. Pisces represents the mystical, imaginative, spiritual and the end of the cycle. Eclipses are where intense transformations happen. Eclipses are connected to the nodes of the moon. They are connected to dragons head and dragons tail. This represents past & future. They point to the souls journey and show how life is a continuous thread of letting go and moving towards purpose. This is why eclipses are crazier than full moons. This eclipse represents endings and sorrows from the past because South Node (or dragons tail), which represents past & karma, is in Pisces. The North Node (dragons head) is currently in Virgo (Pisces opposite). The North Node points to future and dharma. This points towards where the soul is heading to reach its highest potential. Virgo represents health and service. Virgo asks us to take our own healing and work for others. You must also take care of your self in order to do this for others. 
If you are currently overly emotional or sick choose the path of using your sorrows or illness as an opportunity to eventually use your own healing for others. 
I’m currently experiencing my own illness and sorrows this weekend. With this eclipse and some other huge astrological transits happening in my own natal chart, I’m home healing and learning how to one day give this back to others who might one day suffer in the same way. 
I can see so much from my own past that has lead me here to this place and the more I meditate on it, the more I can accept and heal. 
So I’m laying here with a cosmic coloring book gifted to me by my @twistkidsyoga co-partner Shona. 
I’m going to color Pisces energy. I’m going to let go and let myself heal organically while transcending for the good of others. 

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