When life hands you lemons, make lemonade and enjoy its bittersweet taste. 

I drove to teach kids yoga this afternoon and noticed that my fuel light was ON reminding me that I had less than 15 miles before my tank would be EMPTY. 

I thought ‘I’ll be ok, I’ll get gas on my way home.’ 

I taught my class until after 4 o’clock and rushed out to get into Charlotte traffic. As I drove down the street, I decided to stop at the Juice Bar for an afternoon smoothie treat. These warm spring days have me quenching my thirst for more green smoothies and some good vitamins. As I pulled into The Park Road Shopping Center, I looked over at my passenger seat and realized I didn’t have my purse. I felt a rush of anxiety pass through me and I began to hurry out of the parking lot and back out into crazy Charlotte traffic. My heart beat and I called the gym and left a message on their voicemail. I was hoping that they could stay longer before closing, so that I could grab my purse. 
I rushed to get there. 

 I ran up the stairs and raced into the gym. 

The gym wasn’t closed yet and all of the little children were still enjoying playtime. 

Nervous, but trying to remain calm, I spoke up and said ‘I forgot my purse. I was at the juice bar and realized I didn’t have it!’
The manager replied, “It’s not here. I know what your purse looks like and it’s not here.”

One of the parents said “I didn’t see it during class. There was no purse with your shoes.”

My heart dropped. A little paranoia crept in and I was scared that my purse had gotten stolen. 
Immediately a light bulb in my brain went ON and I remembered leaving it on my couch. 

A sigh of relief came through me and I peacefully walked out of the door to get back into crazy 4:30 Charlotte traffic. 
The stories not over yet. 😉
As I drove down the street, I was once again reminded that I needed gas. I only had 8 miles left and I was 7 miles from home. 😳
I pulled into the gas station and started to get out of my car to pump when I once again realized that I didn’t have my purse. 😳
‘Holy shit!’ I screamed. How am I going to drive home, get my purse and then drive at least 3 more miles to the nearest gas station? 
I did the math. And I was starting to realize that I was fuc&3d!!! 
I sat in crazy traffic and every time I drove, I attempted not to put my foot on the gas pedal. I also made sure that the A/C was OFF because I needed to conserve as much as I could. 

I kept heading North on Park rd and my gas mileage kept getting lower. 
I thought ‘do I call Will and have him meet me off of Park rd and bring me gas?’ 

Nope. He’s in South Charlotte traffic. 

‘Do I call Amy?’

Nope, she’s in Fort Mill at work. 
Another light bulb went ON. 
My inner guru whispered ‘Be calm. Breathe. You’ve got this.’
I looked at the gas mileage and I had 4 miles left and I was not close to home yet, but AHhhhaaa! I was close enough to a gas station that I could drive there, park my car and walk a few miles to my home. 
I made my way to Shell on Park & Park. Parked my car and walked several blocks home to get my wallet. 
The whole time I walked I felt a sense of gratitude and peace. 

Gratitude that I was safe and that I got to a gas station. At peace knowing that ALL was OK and that ALL was going to be OK. 

I felt gratitude for yoga and mindfulness because without it I would’ve likely been having a panic attack probably crying on the street begging for help. 

And because of this sense of presence, I didn’t feel the need to call anyone and tell them what I was dealing with. 

I knew I needed to just deal with it because this is LIFE. 
I felt gratitude for the beautiful weather. 

At least it wasn’t raining or that it was spring and not winter. 

I walked home, grabbed my wallet, walked miles back to my car and said THANK YOU the entire walk. 

I was reminded of The Power of NOW. 

That the thoughts we think shape every moment of existence. 

But I also realized that the planets are doing some crazy things and there’s a lot going on. 

I was at peace knowing that maybe there was a divine plan after all. 
Even if it meant learning a lot of lessons on the way.

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