A grocery with an organic garden. 

This fake plant display at Whole Foods in South Park Charlotte got me thinking. Imagine if the grocery store really did have an indoor or outdoor organic garden and they picked their own produce. Imagine what it could teach the next generation. They could do classes and demos on how to grow your own food. 

It’s a good idea! 

Please help me 🙂

I declare this day as a day to be Free Spirited. 

Happy FREEDOM day! I declare this day as a day to be Free Spirited. 

I wrote in my journal this morning and contemplated what it means to be free & independent. I came up with a lot of definitions in regards to myself & my own life. I reflected on all of the freedom that I have and realized that I have a lot. The main thing that I realized is my free-spiritedness. 

As a Sagittarius rising, born on the Scorpio – Sagittarius cusp, Neptune in Sagittarius and 9th house planets, this is my nature. 

I was born this way. 

And it feels free knowing that it’s an innate part of my being. 
Here’s a poem I came across

(See picture below)
What does it mean to YOU to be free? 

Although they exist in the material world, these pillows have soul.

Here’s a little story about these pillows. A story that I was reflecting on last night as I was meditating. 
I’ve had these pillows for 17 years. I bought them in Tucson when Urban Outfitters opened near U of AZ campus. A few weeks later, I brought these pillows on a spontaneous camping trip to Sedona, AZ. I brought them because they were small and fit into my bag. 

My friend and I explored the desert land and found a spot on the earth to sleep. Since it was summer, we decided we didn’t need a tent. We just wanted to sleep under the stars and bathe in its light. We fell asleep that night and I slept like a rock. I slept so hard that it didn’t phase me that the whole time I was sleeping, there was a desert downpour. Thunder. Lightning. Torrential rain. I woke up at sunrise and realized I was drenched. My pillows were drenched. I was surprised I didn’t wake up during the storm, but I also felt cleansed. I felt a deep soul cleanse (especially since I was in Sedona). These pillows have survived many storms. Like from the desert storm, to the multiple moves I did in my 20’s, lucid dreams, tears, my butt has sat on them for meditation etc. 

Although they exist in the material world, these pillows have soul. Thank you pillows for keeping me comfortable through the stormy parts of my life.