Boundlessly conscious

I’ve been talking a lot about boundaries lately. Contemplating my own boundaries and how important it is for me to continue setting them. I’ve come to the place where I’ve learned it’s necessary and I don’t need to worry if people don’t like me because of it. 
I’m so in tune with my soul, my astrological chart and my life’s journey. I am fully aware that in many ways I’ve lived my life in such an open way that I’ve not created enough boundaries where I should. There have been times that it’s been both conscious and unconscious. I’ve been taken advantage of and stepped on because of this. The other night at the yoga fest, I took sometime to meditate before going out into the crowd. I went to a place in my mind that was a memory from an earlier time in my life. A time when I was consciously not setting boundaries and constantly being taken advantage of. Years after that experience, I learned through my natal chart that I’m wide open and there are no boundaries. (Except Saturn of course). 

The next day, I entered the crowd again. Suddenly my face became red. My lips became red and I felt hot. There was no sun. I wasn’t sun burnt. I knew it was energy. I was absorbing a lot of it. I was boundless. 
As an adult, I’ve learned this can be used as a gift. That I can help others. I’ve been opening up to a few people recently and telling them my life’s story. I’ve received some good advice and what it comes down to is me helping others. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do, which is why I do what I do. 

This morning, I woke up feeling boundless. I felt anxious and fearful. Then someone texted me and told me they felt anxious. I knew that there was a connection. It’s almost fall (vata season. Vata is anxious and I’m vata). I know tomorrow is the full moon in Pisces. Pisces is the ocean and the ocean has no boundaries. 

I started reflecting back and remembering that this is the time of year when I start getting anxious and fearful. Especially around the boundaries that I haven’t created (where I should be). 
Join me Thursday night at 7pm at Latta park. I’m teaching my La Luna Yoga series. The class will be centered around the full moon in Pisces.  

I think this is a good Full Moon to focus on grounding and setting boundaries. 
I hope you can join me. This is a pay what you can class. Suggested: $5-$15

Link to event:

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