Raise your vibration by sending good wishes to the people who try and bring you down. 

There will always be people involved in similar activities or passions as myself. They will do what they are gifted at and vice versa. 

Success doesn’t decrease by praising another for their accomplishments. 

Jealousy and competition are not strengths and when someone tries to project those feelings onto me, I only go higher. 

To try and slander me on social media with a passive aggressive post is not going to solve an issue. And trying to cover it up by deleting it isn’t going to solve it either. Because I saw it and so did my friends. Treating me like a jerk even though I held their hand at one point is their stuff and not mine. I’m on my side of the screen sending them compassion. Because that’s the world today. Everything is on the other side of the screen. 

Maybe to some, my post looks passive aggressive. It’s more about spreading the message. I don’t mind if anyone even reads it. 

Just like Michelle Obama said ‘When they go low, we go high’

Note to self: Raise your vibration by sending good wishes to the people who try and bring you down. I am where I am due to decades of hard work. I had to fall hard on my hands and knees in order to get up this high.

So Thank you to that lesson and for showing me the darkness so that I could turn on my light.

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