When will we stop the madness?

We might not all think the same, but we can learn from each other.

We might not all look the same, but we all came from the same source; whatever you choose to call that, whether it be God or Universe.

We are all one…


We are living on this Earth together.

This is our home.

Nature is our guide.

Together we must protect this home that we share.

Protect the animals, the water, the forests, the land.

We didn’t inherit this land from our ancestors , we are borrowing it from the children.

Do we really want the children to clean up this mess?

I want my niece and nephew & all the other children to enjoy the parks, the forests and the majestic views that I have been able to witness.

I don’t want them to have to look out at skylines and listen to horns and sirens.

I want them to witness sunrises & sunsets.

I want them to listen to hawks, owls and all of the other animal sounds.

I want them to look up at the sky and connect with that source that we came from.

I want them to learn about the nature of cycles.

I want them to see the green luscious jungle.

Not a concrete jungle.

And lastly,

When will we wake up and stop the madness?

The hate, the finger pointing, the divided ness. When?

I’m feeling this pulse shaking saying ‘Slow down! Wake Up! We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for….’

Photo credit: Tours 4 Fun

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