A grocery with an organic garden. 

This fake plant display at Whole Foods in South Park Charlotte got me thinking. Imagine if the grocery store really did have an indoor or outdoor organic garden and they picked their own produce. Imagine what it could teach the next generation. They could do classes and demos on how to grow your own food. 

It’s a good idea! 

Please help me 🙂

I declare this day as a day to be Free Spirited. 

Happy FREEDOM day! I declare this day as a day to be Free Spirited. 

I wrote in my journal this morning and contemplated what it means to be free & independent. I came up with a lot of definitions in regards to myself & my own life. I reflected on all of the freedom that I have and realized that I have a lot. The main thing that I realized is my free-spiritedness. 

As a Sagittarius rising, born on the Scorpio – Sagittarius cusp, Neptune in Sagittarius and 9th house planets, this is my nature. 

I was born this way. 

And it feels free knowing that it’s an innate part of my being. 
Here’s a poem I came across

(See picture below)
What does it mean to YOU to be free?