Let’s let each other talk when needed.

This week has been filled with emotions all around the globe. For me, my week started out losing my boyfriend of 10 years father to a very quick and sudden illness. That same day Kate Spade passed, I also learned of the passing of an elementary school classmate. Today we lost Anthony Bourdain. These deaths, especially the heavier ones have had me evaluating the storms from my past that took me down rocky tides that at times left me feeling helpless. They all began in my teens and got worse when my dad died. Thankfully, I had the support that I needed and more. My choices of therapy haven’t been mainstream, but they’ve taken me out of the rocky tides and into calmer waters. Truth is I am filled with so much water. I ebb and flow like the ocean. I feel my pains and let them heal. I once had an ache in my body that came out of nowhere. It lasted 6 months. It finally went away after I stated out loud to the universe ‘you’ve got to feel it to heal it.’ Literally, within a week of me stating that to the universe, my physical pain was gone. It’s never returned. I am convinced it’s because I finally gave myself permission to feel. To let my emotions move through me rather than let them stay dormant.

I’ve got countless stories of my own past struggles with depression and anxiety. I have been reflecting on some of them and hope to someday write them to share. And to share because I’m no longer ashamed to admit that I’ve been broken into pieces many times in my life. I’m open to someday share them in hopes they will inspire others to receive the help that I got.

Let’s let each other talk when needed. Don’t get annoyed if you think someone talks too much or has a story to share.

If someone needs to just talk, hold space for them. Don’t judge.

Some people don’t open up only because they feel misunderstood and Sometimes people need someone to sit by them to just cry. None of us fully have our stuff together. It’s just that some of us can hide it better.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline


Help is just a phone call


Your body is a map to the stars & planets

Your body is a map to the stars & planets. Today’s energies can be accessed through your low back or sacrum (moon in Libra) & your ankles & calves (sun in Aquarius) I’ll be teaching more on this at next months inspired Yogastrology ® class up at

The Meditation Room in Cornelius, NC

Join me March 3, 2018


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‘Hidden deep in the secrets of natural healing, an elegant tradition aligns areas of the body with monthly zodiac signs.’ This is the practice of Yogastrology®, a blend of both yoga & astrology. Certified inspired Yogastrology® teacher, Mary Beth Bender will lead you through a discussion of astrology and how this connects to both the physical and subtle bodies. Following this discussion she will guide you through an asana practice that will align the seasonal lunar energy with the current astrological transits in the sky.

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Pre-registration is required:


Have you ever experienced this kind of discomfort in a class?

As teachers it is our job to support and guide our students while also creating a safe space for them to practice. Have you ever felt unsafe or not seen by your teacher? I think most people are going to yoga classes because they seek connection to something greater than them self.

We never know what people are going through so we must be prepared to see our students and make them feel comfortable.

I walked into a studio for the first time and I was thinking that I would be acknowledged by the teacher. I was new to the area and I was seeking connection with others. I was going through a transition in my life and I was looking for a place that I would feel supported. I had been doing yoga for 10 years and I had moved away from my favorite teachers. I was hoping to find a new teacher that could help guide me along the path.

I walked into the studio and I checked into the class, got myself settled and made my way into the practice space.

As I was walking in, I noticed the teacher. I said hello and spoke up. I told her I was new to the area and I was excited to take her class. I noticed she wasn’t looking at me in the eyes. I saw her looking at my pants. I wasn’t sure why. I didn’t think my pants mattered, but I must’ve missed something. After all they were on properly and there wasn’t anything unusual about them. I bought them at Target. So what, they were $19.99

I took the class, breathed my way through the power vinyasa class and broke a sweat. My mat was covered with sweat and during savasana I laid there and felt my body cool down. My eyes were open and I noticed the teacher was handing out wet lavender cloths. I noticed her put one by everyone’s head.

I saw her walk by me and I felt her feet near mine.

I looked over to see if she left me a towel, but she didn’t. I was confused and a little bit emotional that she’d overlooked me.

As we said are Namaste, rolled up the sweaty mats and made are way out to the lobby, I noticed extra wet towels laying in a bucket.

I walked up to the bucket, grabbed a towel and walked by the teacher. She noticed me with the towel and gave me a petty smirk.

I thought to myself ‘what was that all about?’

My sense was that she intentionally skipped me.

I felt like an insecure middle school girl.

I felt like she was acting like the mean girl who wanted to give the new girl in town a hard time.

I was confused.

‘This is yoga?’ I thought.

Then I remembered that everyone approaches the practice differently.

I left the studio and still felt so confused.

Was I overthinking?

Probably so.

But I felt her stare at my pants from Target and I felt her skip over me in savasana.

What was this all about?

Still confused, I let it go.

I found out later that she was a competitive person and she was known for making others feel small.

How could this be Yoga?

I struggled with going back to that studio. I wanted to find a place where I would feel welcomed. A place I could connect with others and be seen for who I am.

Have you ever experienced this kind of discomfort in a class?

As a teacher, I feel it’s my responsibility to make my students feel comfortable. I feel it’s my job to nurture the space so that everyone is included and everyone feels safe.

Although everyone approaches Yoga differently, we are all searching for some kind of connection. After all Yoga means to ‘unite.’

In the Universe

I contemplated enough to earn a wisdom wrinkle in the center of my brow.

The wisdom wrinkle rests on my third eye. I have to massage it often because Jupiter downloads wisdom and Neptune allows me to dream and create visions. They are in harmony with one another. They work together to create mystical experiences with life beyond the world that we know. It moves through like gypsy ‘soulspiration’ moving through the time and space realm of the Mayan day signs that were written in stones many many moons ago here on planet earth. In the universe.

photo: a colorful life journal

The Earth needs to shed its skin to reveal its bones.

Capricorn’s ruler is Saturn and Saturn rules the bones. To me, it’s no coincidence that Capricorn and winter begin on the same day. Capricorn is an earth sign and is ruled by Saturn. And Capricorn, Saturn and winter are all prone to depression (well at least that’s how I perceive it).

Saturn is the master teacher and through depression, there is great learning and awakening, which leads to mastership.

This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere is a difficult time for some of us. Some of us begin to feel sadness, depression and anxiety kick in. If this is something that you deal with, remember it’s seasonal. The earth needs to shed its skin to reveal its bones. The lack of light may have you feeling extra tired and drained. Take this as an opportunity to slow down and rest. This is the season to dream. To go on an inner vision quest and dream up everything you want to manifest in 2018. Underneath all of the snow and ice lays fresh new life waiting to be born.

Also, there is a gift awaiting us all at the Winter Solstice. That gift is LIGHT. Once 12/21 comes around each day we will receive a little bit of light. Don’t just look for the light to shine outside, go inward and access your own inner light.

When will we stop the madness?

We might not all think the same, but we can learn from each other.

We might not all look the same, but we all came from the same source; whatever you choose to call that, whether it be God or Universe.

We are all one…


We are living on this Earth together.

This is our home.

Nature is our guide.

Together we must protect this home that we share.

Protect the animals, the water, the forests, the land.

We didn’t inherit this land from our ancestors , we are borrowing it from the children.

Do we really want the children to clean up this mess?

I want my niece and nephew & all the other children to enjoy the parks, the forests and the majestic views that I have been able to witness.

I don’t want them to have to look out at skylines and listen to horns and sirens.

I want them to witness sunrises & sunsets.

I want them to listen to hawks, owls and all of the other animal sounds.

I want them to look up at the sky and connect with that source that we came from.

I want them to learn about the nature of cycles.

I want them to see the green luscious jungle.

Not a concrete jungle.

And lastly,

When will we wake up and stop the madness?

The hate, the finger pointing, the divided ness. When?

I’m feeling this pulse shaking saying ‘Slow down! Wake Up! We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for….’

Photo credit: Tours 4 Fun