Let Your Yoga Dance

What is Let Your Yoga Dance®?

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Let Your Yoga Dance was created by Megha Nancy Buttenheim over the course of many decades. It is an amazing Chakra Fusion! A joy-filled power dance combining yoga, the breath, and user-friendly dance with fabulous music from all around the world. It is a funky, sacred, inspirational dance of the multi-dimensional self, bringing tons of fun and healing to body, mind, spirit. Let Your Yoga Dance® is for every single body and wonderful for all ages.

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email peacefulgestureyoga@gmail.com for further details

Everyone is a dancer…

6 thoughts on “Let Your Yoga Dance

    • I am currently looking for a space to hold classes. However, 1 Friday per month at Be Yoga my friend Kimberly is teaching a similar class. I will hopefully get to teach more with her. I will keep you posted. Thanks for asking : )

    • Hi
      I am teaching a similar class in Hartsville, SC on June 29th. It will be a combination of yoga dance and astrology.
      Check out my Facebook page Wholistic Astrology (events) for more information


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