‘I Am That I Am’ Game


This is a downloadable product.
This game teaches children to be self-aware. Playing the game reinforces the understanding that feelings are fluid, that what we think impacts how we feel and moving the body helps move our emotions. Before playing, at least for the first time, discuss the meaning of each affirmation. Ask children to remember a time when they felt that way.

I Am – two simple words with so much power. How do you usually follow the words, “I am?” The language you use to describe yourself is incredibly influential on your reality. You might have “I am” statements that you make out loud, as well as ones you say only to yourself. Your subconscious mind does not differentiate between reality and the chatter in your head; it believes whatever it hears. The words “I am” are powerful in so many ways. Make sure you use them with care and love. Yoga teaches us that energy follows thoughts. Whatever you think carries an energy that actually attracts that “like” energy. In this way, we are powerful to manifest what we want to be in this life.
This is a downloadable product. The game board is best to print on 11 x 17 card stock paper. Printing at a Staples store is one option here.

If that is not possible a letter size version is provided 
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