Reflections from the mountain

Writing. Writing. Writing here at the Davidson river. Beauty. Equity. Or I meant equality. Breathe. Breath. Inhale. Exhale. Hold still. Be grounded. Pause. Breathe more. Again. Breath. Inhale, exhale. Pause. Own it. Stand in mountain pose. Standing on a mountain. Inhale. Exhale. Awaken.

Arms up towards the great sky. Clouds. Blue sky. Stream of consciousness. Be. Blessed. Take a minute. Pimento. I meant moment. Leek in the sink. Don’t observe it. Fix it.
Beauty by the river. Enjoying this place. This breath. This moment. I like it.

The Raccoon and The Laugh Aria Club

The below story was written by me and my tween yogi’s who came out for the pajama yoga and pizza party. I have done a similar class and this is always a fun night for the kids as they experience yoga and pizza in one night. Kids love pizza and these days more and more kids like yoga. Why? because it’s fun, interactive and definitely relaxing.

One of the things that I love to do is have the class create a story. I bring my story cards, which are illustrated pictures of natures kingdom in the forest. The different characters represent fantasy and animal attributes.

Each kid gets a card and has to look closely at the card. They use their imaginations to create a sentence on what they observed.

Each kid uses their creative mind to put the images with words. We prepared our story writing by sitting in easy pose and checking in with our breath. We prepared ourselves to be imaginative and creative.

The final result of the story is so fabulous. I had to tweak some of the sentences to correct the grammar, but didn’t cut any thing that was already there.

Here is the story of The Raccoon and The Laugh Aria Club

Johnny, Rebecca and Bob went on a fishing trip and got stuck on an island.

On that day, a bears Mom said that she had to go to the store and make him a pair of trousers.

On another day, it was Christmas and a squirrel only got a bunch of nuts.

An owl cop saw a dude and then flew to the moon and went space diving. As he space dived, he saw an alien ship.

Nearby a cat was stalking an owl and decided it was interested in Harry the chicken. As he was walking through his front door, the cat said “Dinners ready.”

When the owl woke up from his tiny little tree branch, squirrels started throwing nuts at him.
After the squirrels died, a queen put a spell on the poor raccoon and the spell was to wear an orange shirt forever.

He started to exercise on the yarn.

The Raccoon found the key to the laugh aria club and the raccoon laughed the orange shirt off.

Written on January 26th 2013 by Mary beth Bender and some of her tween yogis. Thank you to Kaitlin, Marliya, Kyen, Sarah, Anabelle, Morgan, Kayla, Carson and Riley. We had a lot of laughs tonight writing this. I enjoyed the yoga pizza party with you all and look forward to another fun night in the future. Namaste