5 things to remind yourself daily

I was surfing through my Instagram this evening and I came across this fabulous picture via @yogainspiration.


5 things to remind yourself daily:
1.) I am amazing
Yes! I am amazing and I shine! I wake up everyday and shine my bright light to the world. I do it with confidence and wear it with pride. I design my own form of awesome and others deserves to see me.

2.) I can do anything
Of course I can! It’s my birthright. I was born to share my talents and if I believe I can then I can…

3.) Positivity is a choice
Just as I choose what I wear in the morning, I choose the thoughts that I think. I choose positive and loving thoughts over negative and fearful ones. When I think with a positive mind set, I create a life of miracles.

4.) I celebrate my individuality
I am a unique individual with a unique purpose. I own who I am and I wear my crown with pride. My crown is also like a hat. I don’t just wear one hat, but a few. Each hat that I choose to wear represents all of my uniqueness.

5.) I am prepared to succeed
I have all of the necessary resources within me to create a successful life. I am ready to step foot out into the world and share my gifts. Everyday I set a goal (or maybe 3 goals) and everyday I am successful.

Write these 5 things down and remind yourself of them daily. After writing them down, try writing your own unique belief such as a mantra, an affirmation or phrase that you can fully integrate into your daily practice. Post it on your mirror or your doorway and start believing all of these 5 great things about yourself.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you can bring these 5 reminders into your daily life.



Moon Salutations: Gentle Sequence

Moon salutation: gentle version
Here’s a sequence to follow for moon salutations. This gentle version is a good base for learning the full sequence.
These are sequences handed down from the wise women of Kripalu Yoga Center who created these sequences in the 1980’s. I can credit Megha Nancy Buttenheim for her contribution and knowledge.

This is a graceful practice for connecting with the moon.

Blessings on you journey!

*Standing lateral to the right
*Back to center
*Standing lateral to left
*Back to center
*Five pointed star
*Triangle right side
*Intense leg stretch right side
*Right foot in back, left foot bent front
*Five pointed star
*Lateral to right
*Lateral to left
*Five pointed star
*Triangle left side
*Intense leg stretch left side
*Left leg back right foot forward

Do 2 to 4 rounds

Note: this photo is not mine. It’s someone’s and they would appreciate its not stolen. I hope I can find the website. Namaste.


Toega is such a fun activity to do with kids! I’ve always loved incorporating this into my kids yoga classes.
What’s Toega? Toega is yoga for the toes. Toes need some serious stretching sometimes. This is especially true considering we use are feet in many poses. Toega goes beyond stretching all ten toes in tadasana.
Stretch your toes. Very wide. Put your fingers between your toes. Open the toes wide.
Crayons are a fun way to do Toega as well! Get a few crayons and put them between your toes. Get colorful. Pick up the crayons with your toes. Get creative. Take a big piece of paper and start drawing with your feet. You may surprise yourself with what you can draw with your feet.


Under the sea: A Peaceful Gesture scuba and yoga adventure


After returning from a weekend at the beach, I felt inspired to theme my class around the ocean and breathing. Both are connected as one sound. The passing of the waves are a string from the sound of breath.
I took my kids yoga class on an adventure. Inspired by Yoga Eds ‘Yoga Planet’ cards, Under the Sea activity, the kids put on their wet suites and went scuba diving. I put out different objects such as a scarf, a drumstick, a stuffed horse, yoga chips and more onto the floor, which we imagined as the ocean.
The kids pretended to put on their scuba gear and practiced their scuba breath. They got their strength and swam or crab walked through the ocean finding treasures and gold. As they moved consciously through the room they found their treasures and then once they were finished we met back in are circle. Within the circle we shared what we found on are scuba adventure.
The kids used their imaginations describing a red scarf as a crab or a drumstick as a squid. They came up with imaginary treasures such as a crown and other royal objects. I added the yoga chips in there as gold. Each yoga chip has a pose on it and once we were done sharing are treasures, we dug into the pot of gold and chose the different poses. Each pose was a piece of gold. The yoga is the gold. We felt abundant picking gold and doing the poses. The kids were shiny and blissful after savasana.

The Way Of The Happy Woman

mary breaths book reviewLadies this is a must read! This is a book you will want to keep by your side for the rest of your life. THE WAY of the HAPPY WOMAN Living the Best Year of Your Life was written by Sara Avant Stover. This book goes into great depth of how to live in accordance with nature and your soul.


Prior to modern times, our ancestors lived more according to natures daily, seasonal and yearly rhythms. Women were more in sync with their cycles and their health was not at risk from all stresses of modern life. In this book, Stover shows the reader how to live more simply and natural in the rhythm of a woman’s cycle. Her book is divided into the four seasons. ‘When we honor spring’s seedlings, summer’s vibrancy, fall’s harvest, and winter’s solitude, we harmonize our inner and outer world’s.’ (TWOFHW)

Sara gives quality recommendations on how to nurture the body, invigorate the mind and uplift the spirit. Her book also has yin and yang yoga practices for each season as well as recipes and self-reflection techniques.

On a personal note, I have found this book to be very essential for owning my own womanhood. Although I have not struggled with some of the menstrual issues that other women have struggled with, I have struggled with emotional outbursts and intense emotional struggles through the years of my cycle. I have always accepted and perceived my cycles as not being bad, but I have also ignored my cycles in the way that I haven’t allowed myself to rest and nurture myself on the level that it needs to be nurtured. I have found in the past that I still swam a mile and a half or practiced a more yang yoga flow during the first two days of my cycle. In reality, these are the days that a woman should be taking it easy and practicing more feminine exercises such as restorative/yin yoga or a grounding walk through nature. This book has helped me awaken to those more nurturing aspects of myself and has taught me more in depth how to slow down during this time of the month.

I highly recommend this book for every woman. Whether you are just starting your menses or you are in post menopause.

“Rest in the nest of this beautiFULL book, and allow it to soak in and beam itswisdom to you. Your way is that of the happy woman, and these words will awaken, inspire, and deeply support you on your way-finding”  ~SARK