Wholistic Astrology

You are WHOLE. You were born WHOLE. 

 ‘Wholistic Astrology’ focuses on seeing the chart from the perspective that you are whole. The chart is drawn up and the focus is centered around wholeness and channeling the planets during their current transits. 
I’m now offering readings.  
This beginner reading reveals basic astrological energies such as sun,moon and ascendant. We will also explore the whole birth chart and the placement of all the planets. 
You will leave with tools to help bring you to a state of balance & wholeness. You will receive the remedies necessary to keep you in alignment with your astrological and universal self. Learn how you can use astrology to help better understand who you are.  

Find me here: Wholistic Astrology


 Wholistic Astrology Readings:

What if you knew that you could create a mandala to match the needs of your most authentic connection to your mind body & soul. What if you could create a yoga practice to fit the tapestry that your soul was meant to live? All you need is your birth information. 



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