Yoga Classes



Privates available 


*Montessori Yoga Class

Private Class by appointment only

Kids Yoga 3:30-4:00pm Ages 4-7 My Gym Southpark


Private Corporate classes (am)

Private School ‘Yoga Club’

Private Corporate classes (pm) 


*Montessori Yoga Class

*Private Class by appointment only

Private School ‘Yoga Club’

*Private Class by appointment only


Tele Yoga:

Tele Yoga is now available with Mary Breath! You can now practice with Mary Breath anytime and anywhere! All you need is a skype or a facetime. I will teach you via live video in the privacy of your own space. This is a private session for $40.00 email to set up your class

Vinyasa Flow:

Vinyasa is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. The word Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.” In other words, I will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. This technique is called Vinyasa Flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance.

Prenatal Yoga:

This class offers a way of developing self-reliance and calmness of mind during pregnancy. Practicing yoga poses with quiet mindfulness develops a strong, supple body and the ability to breathe deeply and relax completely. This is a supportive class that can help pregnant women adjust to the physical and mental demands of labor, birth and motherhood.

Restorative Yoga:

This practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions within the body. We use props to support the postures and focus on breathing, while gently stretching and strengthening the body. This class is appropriate for students of all levels. This class will end with 20min of yoga nidra, which translates as ‘conscious sleep.’

Harmony Yoga:

This special hour and a half class is a sequence of flowing postures and breath work to release physical and mental tension in preparation for the practice of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra translates to “yogic sleep” in which the body and mind comes to a complete rest, but rather than dropping off into the dream state, the practitioner experiences awareness of the inner environment. During nidra, you are taken on a journey of guided meditation. Instead of “working out”, we’re “working in”.

Kids Yoga: Ages 4-7

This class uses elements of play and fun to joyfully experience both the physical and emotional benefits of yoga. Each session incorporates weekly themes around the ideas of honor, balance, connection and more. With playdates, sports, over-scheduling, and even homework-the stress of being a kid adds up. And just like parents, kids today are turning to yoga to relax.

Tween Yoga: ages 8 – 12.

Tweens go beyond kids yoga by learning to access the different parts of themselves. Tweens learn more advanced asanas, learn to keep a journal and make vision boards. The tween learns to be ready for teens.

Teen Yoga: ages 13-17

Dive deeper into your yoga practice as we explore yoga poses, philosophy, meditation, breath work, relax and renew yoga, partner and ‘Let Your Yoga Dance.’ There will also be journaling and discussion to enhance your knowledge of yoga, yourself and how to bring these skills into regular life. Walk away with new tools, empowered to create your own home practice that nourishes a deepened sense of self, health, and overall well being.

Let Your Yoga Dance

Created by Megha Nancy Buttenheim over the course of many decades. It is an amazing Chakra Fusion! A joy-filled power dance combining yoga, the breath, and user-friendly dance with fabulous music from all around the world. It is a funky, sacred, inspirational dance of the multi-dimensional self, bringing tons of fun and healing to body, mind, spirit. Let Your Yoga Dance® is for every single body and wonderful for all ages.

*Remember I am available for kid birthday parties, private and group sessions! Just contact me either here or at to set up a class.

3 thoughts on “Yoga Classes

  1. Questions: Are you still doing tween yoga at Avondale? If so, can you send me details?

    Also, do you do group yoga classes after school? Can you give me more details, plus what days you might be available to teach at 3 pm?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Amanda,
      I’m no longer at Avondale. I’ve been doing a lot of privates at corporations and schools.
      What days are you thinking after 3?
      Thank you for connecting me to the Girl Scout troop. I saw your name on the email.
      Hope you are well.
      Warm regards
      Mary Beth

      • Hi Mary Beth-not sure how I fell off the radar after your reply, but I did; sorry about that! I am looking to help set up a yoga offering at The John Crosland School in Charlotte, a school with 1st-12th grade kids who have learning differences and/or ADD. My son goes there, and I think you would be an invaluable asset to the program. They are in the process of setting up after-school activities for the students-can you give me more details on times/days you might be available and prices/minimum # of students? I think it will be a 6-week session. If easier to talk on phone-please to call me at 704-651-4462. Best, Amanda

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